Interactive Workshops

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It is the common experience of students, junior teachers and young practitioner of Ayurveda  , who in the beginning of their professional career come across certain points of topics/subjects in texts, which require explanation, interpretation and scientific understanding. In some of the colleges, where the faculty is deficient of senior and experienced teachers , the students pass out without much understanding on the concepts of Ayurveda and their practical utility.

It is frequently raised and argued by the students that some of the topics of Ayurveda that could not be explained in terms of present understanding may be deleted from the syllabus, as these are not relevant in the contemporary sense .

But before entering into such conclusion, it is necessary that an interactive opportunity in the form of an open session may take place between students ,  eminent scholars and experienced Vaidyas, where the such points of doubt may be discussed to an agreement. It is observed that the routine workshops of specific subject/topic limit the discussion to that topic and many times fail to clarify the doubts of students for lack of time. In the fields of learning involving study of ancient texts and applying them in day-to-day practice in order to promote health care of the people, there is every possibility of queries in the professionals regarding the applicability of ancient thoughts in the present day understanding.

In order to achieve the objective of imparting clarity in ayurveda education and practice RAV organizes an Interactive workshop on some special topic of concern. The outcome of discussion is also published in the form of a book which remains available for every interested reader even after the completion of the workshop.

So far RAV has conducted 25 Interactive Workshops on various topics as listed below:

S.No Workshop Date
1 Workshop for Under Graduates at Delhi 18-19 August 2003
2 Workshop for Post Graduates at Delhi 26-27 December 2003
3 Workshop on Shalya Shalakya at BHU, Varanasi 26-27 December 2004
4 Workshop on Rasashastra & Bhashajya Kalpana Vigyan at GAU, Jamnagar 26-27 February 2005
5 Workshop on Panchakarma atCheruthuruthy (Kerala) 30 September - 2 October 2005.
6 Workshop on Prasuti Tantra, Stree Roga, & Kaumara Bhritya at Delhi 29-30 November 2005
7 Workshop on Dravyaguna at Guwahati 19-21 January 2006
8 Workshop on Kaya Chikitsa at Jaipur 11-12 March 2006
9 Workshop on Hepatological Disorders at Delhi 30-31 January 2007
10 Workshop on Urinary Disorders at Bhopal 13-14 March 2007
11 Workshop on Pranavaha Srotas Disorders, Jhallander 12-13 October 2007
12 Workshop on Asthivaha Srotas of Joints and Joints, Tirupati 24-26 March 2008
13 Workshop on Rakhtavaha Srotas related to Cardio-vascular System, Disorders and their management 3 - 4 Nov., 2008
14 Workshop on Evidence Based Clinical Practice in Ayurveda 21 - 22 March, 2009
15 Workshop on Marma and Management of Marmabhighat in Ayurveda 3-4 Dec., 2009
16 Workshop on Kriya Shareer in Ayurveda 19-21 March 2010
17 Workshop on Nadi Pariksha in Ayurveda 21-22 Feb., 2011
18 Workshop on Prognosis through Arishta Lakshanas and their Scientific basis 23-24 March 2011.
19 Workshop on Mamsavaha Srotas and Neuro-muscular system, diseases and their management through Ayurveda 10-11 March, 2012.
20 Workshop on Ayurvedic Formulations – Classical Prescriptions & Current Practices 22-23 March, 2012.
21 Interactive Workshop on Clinical Diagnosis in Ayurveda – subjective & objective approach. 20-22 Dec, 2012
22 Interactive Workshop on Shukravaha Srotas and Artavavaha Srotas, their Srotodushti Vikara and Management 23-24 March, 2014
23 Interactive Training Programme on Kumarbhritya 24-25 Jan., 2014
24 Interactive Workshop on Avritatva’ and ‘Gatatva’ of Vata 16-17 Dec., 2015
25 Interactive Workshop on Jwara 4 - 5 Oct., 2019